Man, I said something this morning that I've been thinking about all day so far, and probably will continue to wrestle with.  Unfortunately, it's not some profound truth that will change your world.  Hopefully what God is leading me in will challenge you as it challenges me though.  I was in a great conversation about reformation, and this whole "Rob Bell" thing, which I try to keep my nose out of things like that.  I promise I won't post a long article about why I disagree with him.  Why I disagree with Him won't lead you to Christ.  Me dying to myself and Christ alive in me......that will lead you to Christ.

You ready for my quote?  It's killing me.

I said to my brother in Christ, "I can defend Christ all day long".

My intentions were great.  But here's the reality of what's going on...

I don't need to defend Christ.  He didn't die for me to defend Him.  He died for me to die.  He rose again, so that I could rise again.  He defended me on the cross.

A cross that, I believe, if  you add or subtract anything from, you say that Christ isn't needed, and died for naught.

My reality is this:  I am made to die at the foot of the cross, be filled by the Holy Spirit of the living God, and live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.

It's not my job to limit or widen God's plan.  Can He do what He pleases?  You answer that for yourself, as I have to for myself.

BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don't be distracted from knowing Christ by any man.  Because, no matter how famous or influential they are, they're men, and they will stand before the King of Kings and give account.

Let me clear this as well:  I don't believe that we should allow lies to exist in the church.  As Paul did to Galatia, we, as BROTHERS AND SISTERS, have a responsibility to restore to the Spirit in which we walk.  But..........are you ready...........this is what's painful to me today.........let us expel the lies and religion from ourselves and our church FIRST, so that we may be blameless in the gospel that we preach for salvation.

It saddens me that we're fighting to go backwards and live the things Luther and Edwards were reforming the church to.  We should know Christ more intimately than they ever did.

They died before the church was completely reformed to Christ.  And I don't believe that they wanted it to stay where they left it.

Brothers and sisters, we have access to Truth.  We have access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We have access to great teachings from followers of Christ, both past and present.  Measure those teaching against Christ, not opinion.

WE HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO KNOW THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, because it is the power by which we are saved.

Again, I promise to not attack Bell, or try and prove myself more intelligent than him.  All I seek is to know Christ, and to know Him crucified.  So that is all I can preach.

I want to challenge you to wrestle with these things.  Please don't allow the devil to side track the church of Christ with lies.  Reform the church with the Truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

I love you all,

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  1. Right on, Brad. You know last night I asked my grandfather what it is about Jesus that is so hard for him to accept. He said, "There are many things about God that Im ready to accept, but I don't understand why Jesus didn't defend Himself. And then later, when Rome was killing His followers, they wouldn't defend themselves.". The Truth needs no man's defense.