here's the thought:  we are pursued.

we live in the middle of a war, and i believe the more involved you are, the more you feel the battle for your time.  lately i've been attacked spiritually on a lot of fronts, and i got really depressed, was ready to quit doing what i do, and was begging God to let go of me for "a little bit".  why?  because i felt so pursued by the devil.  to a lot of people, that may sound stupid, and some people would say i've been chased by my sins and past....luckily, i'm me, and you're you.  i sketch the outline, you can draw your own conclusion.

anyways, in the middle of this feeling, thinking that the devil is going to get me to fall, and i'll be useless and begging for death....i realized something.  the devil has pursued me since i was born.  God has pursued me from creation.  wow!  and as much darkness as there is in this world, LIGHT PENETRATES DARKNESS!  not the other way around.

here's the challenge:  creatively come up with a way to express that battle in your life.  no matter where you are.  as you'll see from my piece, you don't have to feel 100% victorious yet.  you can be in the middle of it.  be honest in your work.  also, don't feel like you have to do art.  write a story, poem, book, etc...  use any medium that you are passionate about.  when you're done, if you feel comfortable with it, share it here, or post a link to it here.  or you can email me your work at brad@relevantva.com, and if you want me to post it here, say that.  otherwise, i won't post it for privacy.