God doesn't do that anymore....

because culture has changed.  because He doesn't need to.  because it's not needed anymore.

I just had a waking up moment while I was driving.  I'm not driving right now, don't worry.

I make a lot of excuses for not praying and hoping for the things God freely used to pour out on His people.  Why?  Because I've never experienced them, so I don't know if I really believe He's capable.  I'm challenged right now, and want to pass that challenge on.  It's not super thought out, so I'm inviting you to think about with me.

I believe that God created everything, including time...... Genesis 1.  John 1.

This is hard to say......By the way I live and pray and hope, I also believe that time changes God.  I don't want to believe that anymore.

I really, really, really don't want to keep God in my boxes anymore. Isaiah 29:16

I know without a doubt in my mind that my King wants to turn this world upside down.  I also know that in our power, He won't.  In our power, the church has become the most hypocritical, sinful, hateful, hated institution.

There's hope....

In His power, the church is a beautiful, healed, loving, loved..........body.  Romans 12.

Let God out.  He's not a pet.  He's God.  Job 38-40.

And guess what, it's okay to be scared.  I am.  I have no idea what God is going to do.......but I guess that's what makes Him God, and me man.  Psalm 119:105-112.

Ponder these thoughts.  And please church, don't try to have a god in your image, be brave enough to be made in His image.

in His love,

In my ears.


in His love,


I am discovering that the King I serve is relentlessly in pursuit of my heart.  I must look up at my Creator, and be thankful for what I'm being made to be.  Whether I'm for noble use, or unimpressive in the eyes of men.

Our calling is to be faithful, to know Christ intimately.  We need to stop focusing on "what" we're called to do with our hands, and start focusing on what we KNOW we're called to do with our hearts.

Brothers and sisters, submit to Christ, and the world will be turned upside down.  God is in pursuit of your heart.  Please focus on that.

He will not relent until our righteousness shines.

His love is relentless.

Please church, submit.  Stop treating the symptoms of sin.  Start following the One who crushed sin with reckless abandonment.  This is my plea to you, personally.  This is my personal agenda this year:  To relentlessly pursue the God who pursued me to death.

Jesus Christ bled and died for you to breath life.  No matter how unlovable you feel.  You are beautiful, and loved beyond our definition.  You are loved.

in His love alone,
brad o'hara