How come when the church walks away from Christ by teaching lies that "bend" the need for Christ........we call it progressive?

I am challenged to love.  I am challenged in that love to be intolerant.  I don't know what that looks like yet.  But I don't believe that Christ died because it's okay to believe whatever we want.

I think "tolerance" in my life has been nothing more than an excuse not to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We (followers of Christ) are called to make disciples.  Not just pastors.  Not just clergy.  Believers.  Today, love with the expectation of rejection.  Love with the expectation that someone will change because of the Spirit in you.  Love like you only care about One opinion of you.  Let love and mercy outshine judgement.

Be intolerant to lies in your heart.  Be intolerant to the lie that "what's right for them, is right for them".

What do you believe?  Who do you say that Christ is?

I love you all.

in His love,

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