How can we work together?

I just had an amazing meeting with a police officer in Williamsburg, in which we talked about how we can work together to have a positive influence in the community, especially with teenagers.  I'm really pumped up to say that we're meeting again in two weeks with some learn how we can support them in owning this.

I'm a firm believer that communities change from the inside out.  I'm excited to say that our teens want to reach their generation.  That's more than I can say for my generation.  I hope that by the time I die, I see a generation so abandoned of themselves for the sake of Christ, that the church is viewed as a revolution.

What's more revolutionary than living for Christ?

Seriously........answer that question.

No.....don't keep reading......trying to avoid it.

Answer it.

If you don't think it's revolutionary, you need to examine the Christ you serve.  I would argue that He's not THE Christ, but one you've made in your own image, for your own comfort.  We all have done, and do that.  Let it piss you off.  It should.

One more question.

Do you want the church to look how God wants it to?  Or do you want it to look how you want it to?

We have the opportunity to live in such a manner, that we'll be the church.  God  is so clear about what the church is, and who it belongs to.  One body.  One mind.  One Holy Spirit. One Christ as head.

Join me in this journey towards the heart of Christ.  Be willing to abandon all you hold tightly concerning the way church and faith should look.  Be willing to have only Christ, and consider that more than enough.

How can we work together, as different as we are, to reach our communities with the gospel of Christ?

How can we work together?

I love you all.


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